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How to Jumpstart Your Network Marketing Business

One month after I joined my network marketing company my upline left the business and completely abandoned me.

I was left to figure this out on my own.

I spent my first year with no direct mentorship or guidance trying to figure out how to build this business... all I had was the company's training (events, audios, etc.)

If asked, I used to tell people my business was going GREAT! that it was growing even though I could not sponsor a single person to save my life.

Back then I didn't know the steps I needed to take to bring people into my team...

I got into network marketing to make money, but not only did I make ZERO my first year, I ended up spending a lot of money on autoship and going to training hoping some day it would pay off.

I knew one thing.

OTHER people were having success. I just needed to figure out how to find the right people to join my business.

At first, it was very frustrating that I couldn't even get people to take a look at my opportunity!

They'd think I was just pitching or they'd have questions before I even showed them the presentation...

I didn't know how to answer questions like

"what is it?" or "what do you do?"

I really believed in this business model and I wanted to succeed so bad!

... but I was tired of failing and trying to figure things out on my own...

All I wanted was to have someone, who had great recruiting results, to walk me through a couple of successful recruiting experiences.

I wanted to be able to look over their shoulder as they chat, or listen in on a phone call, read their back and forth email, etc.

But my upline didn't even talk to me... they were long gone.

That's when I first came across Eric Worre and started to learn...

The 7 Skills to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional

  • Finding Prospects
  • Inviting
  • Presenting
  • Following Up
  • Closing
  • Helping Your New Distributor Get Started Right
  • ...

Finding Eric's training didn't turn me into an instant success. I don't think that's possible in this business, at least not if you don't have someone that knows what they are doing do it for or with you.

However, I realized that failing and struggling the way I did was the best thing that ever happened to me... It helped me become the leader I once desperately wanted.

I had to go through the pains of building this business.

One of my best friends told me she'd never join a program like this.

Had many who asked me if this was "one of those things"... a pyramid?

I had another friend that told me

"I want to see how you do first"

Another who said

"I've tried those things before, just not for me"

Since I had no guidance, I shortcut-ed the process and that's why the business wasn't working.

I wasn't following the system. (I thought I knew what the system was, now I realize I didnt' know what "the system" meant)

I didn't know the most basic, fundamental skill to network marketing... building relationships

Once I figured that out, results started to pop up out of nowhere, so fast it blew my mind!

Here's a couple snapshots of me welcoming new people into my business.


I'm still learning and improving my own skills. Learning never ends in network marketing.

... but enough about me... you probably want to know how to JUMPSTART your network marketing business and start getting some of these results yourself...

Here's a view from the top of what my workflow is...

The Workflow

The first lesson I learned that changed my life was understanding that people don't buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.

So if you have vitamins, shakes, coffee, tea, energy drinks, travel, etc., understand that people don't buy the product, they buy WHY they should have the product.

This is the opposite of what most network marketers are taught or what they do on their own if they have no guidance like me (hey I made the same mistakes for almost 2 years)

Phase 1 is so important, it can make or break whether you get into phase 2 (which we'll cover later).

For now let me share how I jumpstarted my network marketing business following the steps outlined in Eric Worre's book GoPro...

Finding Prospects

  • I started out by making my list (yes, I made a list)
  • I spent time building trust and relationships with my list
  • I contacted 5-10 new people everyday and built relationships
  • In the process I discovered their needs and found their WHY
  • Only after I had built a good relationship, found THE RIGHT PERSON with a need and a WHY did I move on to inviting them to see a solution that would solve their need


Once I had my list down, the inviting part came next...

Note, this part is an uphill battle if you SKIP the part where you build trust and relationship. If you do the groundwork, however, this part is easy...

First part is for your HOT, HOT market.

These are the people that know you best. Your immediate family, best friends, etc.

Text Message #1

Hi [name]! I just started a business and could really use your help. It's simple! Text me back for details 🙂

What you are going to find is that your friends, or the people closest to you will be happy to help if you approach them the right way. Asking them for help, no trying to recruit them.

Here's a couple examples of the text messages I sent... notice that the people I've built great relationships/friendships with are very responsive and happy to help 🙂

Once they reply to the first text and say they'd be happy to help, then you'll be asking them to try out your product, no obligation, and give you feedback.

Text Message #1

I just started with a company marketing a product that [benefits (helps lose weight, tones skin, gives you more energy, helps you travel more, etc.)]

I'd like for you to try it out and get your feedback. If you don't get results we have a money back guarantee, but I'm hoping that won't be the case. Oh and don't worry you don't even have to stay a customer, I'm hoping I can get your feedback to make sure this works before I go market this on a big scale. Can I count on you to be a product tester for me?

That's it!

If you have a good product, then they probably will stay, but if they don't that's okay... this will help you Jumpstart your business!

That's your hot market, everyone else I invite following these rules...

  • Be in a hurry
  • Clear the date
  • Get excited
  • Set and confirm the appointment

Here's an example of what inviting looks like when done right...

I send out a quick text message

Hey are you free?

Got a quick minute?

Once they reply, I call and say

Hey listen, I'm in a rush, I don't have a lot of time, but I have an idea I want to run by you. When are you home so I can stop by and show you?

Great, I'll see you then

That's it... the shorter the call the better.

Chances are they'll ask "what is it?"...

That's why you're in a rush and don't have time to get into it... so tell them

Like I said, I'm in a rush, I'll show you when we meet, when are you free?

If you don't build trust and relationships first however you'll get hit with questions.

Some people, if they won't meet unless I tell them over the phone, well I don't meet with them period!

Their loss.

If you do it right however, people will be receptive like this:

Just by doing this I was able to jumpstart my business.

If your company has a good system, then the opportunity presentation (video, meeting, party, etc.) will do the rest of the work for you.

Your upline should be doing this WITH you or FOR you if you are just getting started.

If your upline isn't helping you and you want to learn more in detail how to jumpstart your network marketing business you can look into our program "Jumpstart".

There's a lot more to share with you about how I'm building my business.

I can go into more examples of how I contact 5-10 new people a day, how I build relationships, how to invite, etc.

You can even look over my shoulder and watch me recruit live.

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"My wish for you is that you decide to become a network marketing professional, that you decide to GoPro, because it is a stone cold fact that we have a better way... now let's go tell the world!" - Eric Worre

"Hip Hip" Jorge

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