Why failing in network marketing is a good thing

There is a reason why I enjoy helping people… especially those who are struggling to make ends meet…

A turning point in my life happened one day when we were out celebrating my mom’s birthday…

We went out to dinner and when it came time to pay the bill, it hit me!

Not only could I not afford to treat my mom for her birthday, but I couldn’t even afford my own dinner… It was embarrassing to have someone pick up my tab…

How can this pain, suffering and embarrassment be good?

It did two very important things for me.

First, it became a driver to go after success. I just knew I was good enough to be able to provide for my family and give them a lifestyle they deserve…

I was better than that!

YOU are better than you currently are!

That moment was FUEL for my success…

Second, it allowed me to relate to those who currently find themselves in a similar situation.

If I were to tell you that I showed up one day and success happened at the flip of a switch, you would never think success is possible because of your situation… whatever you are struggling with…

… but, since I was well over $25,000 in DEBT, battling a health problem, and couldn’t even afford to go out to dinner, then I can look someone in the eye and tell them I’ve been there!

When someone wants to join my opportunity and they tell me, I have no money, I can look them in the eye and tell them I’ve been there…

I can bring back that moment of embarrassment to show them that I once felt the same pain… maybe worse.

So if you are struggling in any way shape of form, know THIS:

Your struggle will allow you to relate to those who will NEED YOU the most!

People NEED what you have to offer!!!

They do!

… and unless you are able to relate to them, it is going to be very hard to bring them on board. They will think their situation is unique and they are the only ones feeling pain.

That’s why failing in network marketing is a good thing. When you cross paths with someone who needs your help, you will be able to relate to them because you too have felt the same pain.

So, whatever you do, don’t quit dreaming… go after your dream…

The pain and suffering is the price you have to pay… the price tag is high, but in the end, it’s all worth it!

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