The 4 Step Invite

There are 4 elements to an invite

1. Be in a hurry
2. Clear the date
3. Get Excited
4. Confirm the date

When I first started to learn these steps I told my mentor “I can’t do this”…

I just felt like it wasn’t “me”.

I’d never called my friends in a rush sounding all excited about something and just asking them if they could meet me.

It just wasn’t me.

… the 4 step invite however is not meant to show you how to do it, it just shows you what it looks like when you do it right…

See the problem wasn’t that I’d never called my friends about something I was excited about.

The real problem was that I’d never been excited about anything in my life!

Sad to say, but that was eye opening…

I can’t teach you to get excited, but I can point out if you are excited or not and fix the root cause…

The difference between an amateur and a network marketing professional can be thought of as a state of mind.

What helped me get better at inviting people most was adopting the mindset of a network marketing professional. I was not only getting excited about this opportunity, I started to BELIEVE that I could win…

This put me in a state of mind where one day I just decided it was time for success.

Nothing else had changed.

The company was the same, the products were the same, the comp plan was the same, but I was NOT the same.

I had changed.

Something inside me sparked.

All I knew was that I needed to get this done and I did.

I did not wait for anyone.

I picked up the phone and started calling.

I set an appointment and I knew that if I had another appointment set after the first one, my excitement would go up and so would my belief…

That made me want to call more people faster and the only way I could do it was by

Being in a hurry
Clearing the date
(I was already excited)
Confirming the date.

I was on a mission.

You could picture me running taking with me anything that got in the way.

Nothing was stopping me.

I got right to the point.

I didn’t have time to talk to people

My calls literally sounded like this:

“hey what’s up it’s Jorge, listen I don’t have a whole lot of time, are you free to meet for coffee this week? Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday?”

If they were free, then I’d say “sweet, Wednesday at 10 am works… I have an idea I want to run by you, I’ll see you then”.



Under a minute… definitely no more than 2 or 3 minutes.

Did all my calls go smoothly?


… but I didn’t care

I was just looking for those who were open and who have good attitudes.

If I was asked “what is it?” I’d just remind them I’m in a hurry, and that if I could tell them over the phone I wouldn’t have bothered trying to set an appointment.

These are the type of scenarios that you can handle effortlessly once you start to adopt the mindset of a network marketing professional.

PS I’ll soon be mentoring a very small group of people one on one and showing them how to recruit online.

If you are interested in watching me recruit live then contact me via facebook.

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