Struggling to Find Prospects?

One of the worst feelings I ever felt in network marketing was not knowing who to talk to. Sitting around wondering who I was going to invite or how do you find the right people to talk to about your business

I started with a little list… mostly a mental list.

As I went through that list my anxiety got higher. I thought that if none of those people joined then this business wouldn’t work… at least not for me.

That was the mindset I started with… pretty bad one I may add.

I used to think that if you started out with a good list that would determine your success

If your list sucked your chances of success were small… but that’s not true.

I came to find out later that top income earners met their best people after they got involved in network marketing because they learned how to develop relationships.

This is meant to show you the process that will help you get there and do the same…

It starts with having an active candidate list.

Step 1 – Active candidate list

By now you probably have heard that you have to make a list.

I’ll be 100% honest and openly admit that I didn’t do this for well over a year.

I figured if I had people on my phone or facebook, that was good enough for me to go through and reach out to people…

I didn’t realize this is what being coachable is about.

If someone who has the results you want tells you to do something so you can have the same results you should probably LISTEN and DO IT.

After struggling my first year not able to sponsor anyone I decided that if my way wasn’t working I should give their way a try.

So I went out and I bought a little pocket book so I can create my active candidate list.

GoPro Finding Prospects
Got the book, then took my phone and started writing EVERY single name on to that book.

As I was going through my phone book, I was seeing names of people I hadn’t thought of or talked to in years!!


Most importantly I got the feeling that I had plenty of people to talk to again…

I did the same thing with facebook friends… some of them I didn’t have on my phone so it just added to my list.

There’s probably more people you know than you think and this will help you find or remember them…

If your active candidate list isn’t big or good, don’t worry… that’s what the next few steps are all about

Eric Worre’s Ultimate Memory Jogger

Step 2 – Constantly expand your list

Finding prospects starts with the right mindset.

What you have to do is easy… add 2 new people a day to your list.
Not long ago I wrote a blog post about “how to talk to more people”

Probably more important than any “how to find prospects” training since it teaches what to do with them once you find them…

… and once you know what to do with them, you’ll realize that prospects are practically everywhere!

There were 3 things that helped me get into the habit of adding 2 people a day to my list…

1) Raising Your Awareness

This simply means to be on the lookout for opportunities!

I don’t go to the grocery store to prospect, but I may prospect while I’m at the grocery store…

Now trust me, I’m not the type to just walk up to a stranger and strike up a conversation (which you know if you read the blog post above).

I grew up an introvert and my nickname was “mute” (that’s how much I talked)

However my awareness has increased and here’s an example of how it took place…

[At the cash register]

Me: Hi, how are you? haven’t seen you in a while… thought you didn’t work here anymore or moved away?

(It’s a roundabout way of talking about both their occupation and where they are from)

Her: Oh, I started school so I don’t work as much, just part time whenever I can since I have to pay for school.

(not even 20 seconds into the conversation and I already found a potential need)

That’s pretty much it…

It’s a unique scenario so I don’t want you to get lost on exactly what I said, but instead understand that the conversation only happened because I was looking for an opportunity to find out more about someone I came in contact with…

It’s easy when you care about others and you become interested in others!

2) Don’t Pre-Judge

The most important thing to keep in mind while you’re out meeting people is that you may be tempted to pre-judge.

The two most common ways we pre-judge people is

a) They are already successful so they probably won’t be interested in my business

b) They are broke or are struggling so they’ll probably join in a heartbeat

There’s many others like, too young, too old, not outgoing enough, etc.

My experience has been that the people I thought for sure were going to join my business were the worst prospects I’ve dealt with…

… and the ones I didn’t want to bother even showing them because I thought they would not be interested in joining my business are actually currently on my team.

So don’t pre-judge!!

There’s only one way to know if someone will or won’t join your business… talk to them and let them decide.

Did you guess what #3 is?

3) Network on purpose

If you are a network marketer, your business is people.

You must be intentional about going out and meeting people.

Get out of the house!

This can be done offline (I go to events where I can meet friends and other people who have similar interests as me… I don’t go to prospect, but just to make friends and MEET people)

It can also be done online…

The internet is changing the way network marketing is built…

To quote the Origin of Species… It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

You don’t have to learn how to find prospects online, but there is an advantage for the one who is most adaptable to change.

Stay tuned for an invitation email about how to find prospects online

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