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Influence Networker™ Success Formula

  • The #1 Income Producing Activity You Are Probably Ignoring (It's not the one you think)
  • How to find unlimited prospects for your network marketing business
  • How to open and close prospects... with ZERO resistance
  • If your prospects understand THIS part of your business, sponsoring becomes easier than getting a thirsty person to drink water
  • The truth and lies about only needing TWO people to succeed in network marketing
  • How to get more people to say “YES” to your opportunity
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Influence Networker™ Follow up

  • Over 40 common questions and objections and how to handle them
  • The Influence Networker™ 3 step rejection-free Follow Up method
  • The “Triple F” formula that disarms their objections and makes it their idea to sign up on the spot
  • Why building up your belief in network marketing (and THIS) will be your best tool for handling objections
  • The biggest mistake you’ll make that will keep you from sponsoring people who could very well be your next top income earner
  • How to get more people to say “YES” to your opportunity

Influence Networker™ Lead Magnets

  • How to Create a Flood of New Customers and Distributors, Create a Cash Flow Surge AND Magnetically Attract Prospects Predisposed To Buy From You
  • These Lead Magnets Bring You Only Your Most Ideal Customers and Distributors
  • How to End Cold Prospecting Once and For All
  • This Attract-More-And-Better-Customers method works great offline, online works even better!
  • How to filter out skeptical prospects and "Looky loos" before you even talk to them
  • You Cannot Survive Or Grow Without New Customers... and This Opens Up The Floodgates To Get Them For You!
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