10 Network Marketing Success Tips

Pay attention, get excited, never quit!!!

That was technically the first success tip I jotted down that stuck with me and is more like an umbrella tip that covers the rest…

Pay attention!

Jorge Josh DesiYou never know when someone is going to share something that will impact your business.

Since I heard those three tips I’ve been keeping a log of different success tips that have made a difference in my business…

This is a compilation after 2+ years of attending training events and spending countless hours with mentors and other network marketing professionals…


Success Tip #1 – Posture

If you are facing rejection, losing friends, struggling to get sign ups, then chances are your business is lacking posture.

Posture is the one characteristic of a leader that separates the network marketing professional from the amateur.

It is a stone cold fact that we have a better way…

That’s something we have to show, not tell…

The next big thing in network marketing

If you truly have “the next big thing” you shouldn’t have to go around convincing people of it and worse begging people to join you… you show it by following some of the other success tips

Success Tip #2 – Be in a hurry

This isn’t so much a technique, it’s just what it looks like when you are building your network marketing business like a professional…

See, I personally believe I am part of a movement that is going to Disrupt industries with technology!

The next big thing!!

But I don’t say that to people… I just show it.


One way is by being in a hurry…


Be in a hurry text message script

See, I didn’t tell my friend, I am involved with “the next big thing”…

I simply showed it by being excited and being in a hurry. I am so busy building this business I don’t have time for small chat or other things…

I am not just pretending like I am involved with the next big thing and can’t wait to show everyone I know! I am seriously in a rush to show people what I’m involved with.

Being in a rush is not a technique, it’s just what it looks like when your mindset is aligned with success in this business.

I am running as fast as I can to show everyone I know!

In the example above I texted to see if they were free for me to call…

“got a quick minute?”…

Then I called and told them

I’m in a rush (emphasized), but I have something they MUST see… I don’t have time to do it now, when can we meet?

On the phone told them to send me their address cause I’m coming over and asked them to confirm the time.

I don’t ask IF they are free to meet, I ask “when?”!!

That’s posture!

I have the deal!

Combine that with being in a rush and being excited and you have the perfect recipe for inviting with success to show them your network marketing business.

Success Tip #3 – Become a master inviter

If there is a gateway skill to success in network marketing it is the invite.

This is the bread and butter of the business.

What you do, your team will duplicate, so make sure you are inviting the way you want your team to duplicate.

The phone script I use when I call someone is simple

Step 1 – be in a hurry

Step 2 – Clear the date

“Hi (name)!! Listen I don’t have a lot of time right now, but I’ve got something I want to show you, when are you free this week?”

“Hi (name)!! I’m in a rush, but I have an idea I want to run by you, how soon can we meet?”

“Hi (name)! I’m about to go into a meeting, but I’ve got something you gotta see!! when are you free?”

Step 3 – Confirm the date

Step 4 – Bounce

Perfect, see ya at 9am tomorrow at (location)!! I’m pumped!!

Awesome!! tonight, 7 pm, I’ll be there! bye now…

This isn’t just something for the phone…

If I met someone and we’ve had a great conversation and I found a need (they hate their job, need more time, more money, etc.)… I may set my appointment as I leave…

“Hey it’s been great chatting with you. I gotta head out (I’m in a hurry), but let’s continue this conversation… I’m actually working on a project helping people who (hate their job, need more time, or whatever their need was)… it may or may not be for you, but if you are open let’s meet and talk more in detail about it. When are you free?

“great! what’s your number?”

“I’ll see you then”

See the pattern??

I’m in a hurry, not as a technique, but that’s just how a network marketing professional acts when they are launching their business!

It doesn’t have to be too complicated either. Sometimes I just send a simple “free for coffee this week?” text.

Text message invite network marketing

There are many ways to invite, get good at one and keep in mind the next tip when inviting (and presenting)

Success Tip #4 – Some will some won’t so what

The number one success tip is posture because it covers a lot of ground. Being emotionally DETACHED from the outcome is one way to increase your posture.

When you build your list, invite and present your opportunity, it helps when you understand that some will, some won’t, so what!!

Some people will join your business

Some people won’t join your business

So what!!

Focus on the ones who say yes and forget about the ones who don’t see what you see!!

This business is all about finding the right people to join you and your business.


It’s about surrounding yourself with others on the same mission as you.

So not only am I in a hurry when inviting, but I’m really just sorting… I’m going in with the mindset of

“hey, let me show you what I’m doing, it may be for you or it may not either way it’s cool, I just want to know which one are you so I can figure out the next step…”

Makes sense?

One of my favorite things to say to people is

“this probably isn’t for you…”

“you may love it or you may not get it… either way it’s cool with me”

“it may or may not be for you, let me show you and you decide”

Success Tip #5 – Use third party tools

Have you ever noticed that top income earners DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!

I’m serious, but here’s what I mean by that…

If you ask a top income earner a question about the business or product, this is usually how they answer

How does the product work?

I don’t know, all I know is (they share a testimonial or story)

How does the comp plan work?

I don’t know, all I know is we get paid (or they share a story)

When is the company convention?

I don’t know, all I know is the back office has a document with all dates (or point to someone else)

It’s not that they don’t really know, but they are masters at getting out of the way. When you think about it, they are super sharp and smart to get out of the way.

It’s like they use ONE answer to many questions.

How many people do I need to sponsor?

I don’t know, enough!

How many people do I need to show?


How many people do I need to talk to?


Most struggling network marketers make themselves the issue. They handle customer support issues when instead they should direct people to a 3rd party like their company’s customer support department…

Some times my team members may ask me,

“hey how do I sign up someone if they are out of country” (as an example).

Even if I know the answer, I may just answer

“call (company number)”…


I want them to be resourceful and stop relying on me. I want to teach them to use 3rd party tools like I do.

They will duplicate what I do.

If I get in the way and answer the question, they’ll be more likely to get in the way and answer questions themselves.

If I get OUT of the way and use 3rd party tools, they’ll do the same and the best part is that it duplicates!!

The company can answer those questions better than me anyway…

If I answer the question, they’ll want to come to me for every question. Worse, when they have new team members and they have question, they’ll both want to come to me for answers.

When you have a team of just a few it may not seem like a problem, but when you have a team of thousands, you definitely don’t want to be running customer support.

Success Tip #6 Say less to more people faster

Along the same lines of using 3rd party tools, you want to learn to say less to more people. Really if you just learn to be in a hurry, get excited, and get out of the way, you’ll be miles ahead of all the struggling network marketers trying to do everything themselves.

You’ll begin to understand why people who are out there “selling” their products (mistake), talking about their products (mistake) struggle…

I don’t sell my products, I don’t talk about my products… I use 3rd party tools to do the selling and telling for me… all I have to do is become a master inviter. I focus more on building the relationship and becoming the right person to show the business to others.

My focus is not on pitching my product, my focus is on becoming interested in people and finding needs I can solve.

I say less to more people…

Friend: Jorge, what do you do?

Me: sit down, let me show you (push play on a video)

That would be the best case scenario of say less to more people.

Anytime someone asks me about something, my first thought is what 3rd party tool can I use? who can I introduce them to? what event can I invite them to?

I make myself the “last resort”. If I can have a video explain it for me I use that before I answer… this wasn’t easy at first, but it’s part of the change to become a network marketing professional if you follow what Tony Robbins teaches.

tony robbins match and model

See, these success tips are not something I invented… I’m just paying attention to what the top income earners are doing.

Success Tip #7 – People don’t join businesses, people join people

This one is huge!!

People think that the sale happens when you ask people if they are ready to get started, but really the sale happens before that… it starts out from the very beginning and during the invite…

You can have a great product, comp plan, awesome company, but as you’ll soon find out, people will still say no… and they are not saying no to the company, the product or even the industry. They really are saying NO to YOU!

I hope you take that the right way, but here’s an example of someone who joined a company only after THE RIGHT PERSON showed them


See that?

They’d been watching, but they didn’t join until the right person showed them…

Get this:

Your job is to BECOME THE RIGHT PERSON to show others!!!

Really only one way to do that… we call it, hang around the campfire… go where successful network marketers go… training and most importantly, events!!

Success Tip #8 – Go to events

network marketing training events

Big decisions happen at big events!

You are going to learn the basics and then you’ll learn to implement the basics better and faster… that’s an overview of the journey.

If you are like most network marketers, life will get in the way. The journey will come with challenges.

Obstacles will try to take you down.

People will try to take you down.

Circumstances will try to take you down.

You have to fight back!

You have to stay the course!

You have to stay motivated!

Most importantly you have to DECIDE to Go Pro!

Eric Worre

My wish for you is that you DECIDE to GoPro. That you DECIDE to become a network marketing professional… because it is a stone cold fact that we have a better way!

Now let’s go tell the world

Eric Worre Network Marketing Pro

The testimonials, the stories, the energy at these events is something you have to experience for yourself.

Once you experience, this event becomes a 3rd party tool… don’t tell people about it, bring them so they can experience it for themselves…

If you pay attention, you’ll notice top income earners build from event to event to event…

Success Tip #9 – Shine up suit up show up


When you ask top income earners about success, they never really say it is going to be easy or hard. That is relative… it may be easy for you or it may be hard for you…

I know for me it was really hard, especially since I didn’t have a sponsor to help me.

Either way, while they don’t promise success will be easy, they can definitely say that it will be worth it!

You may not be able to follow all of these success tips at once.

The first time you invite someone using the scripts you may… ummm, suck!

Sorry, it’s true…

I know my first call I was nervous… I was practically staring at the phone “thinking” instead of dialing.

You have to learn to ACT more and THINK less.

Whatever you do, just make sure you are doing two things…

Continue to show up to training

Continue to practice what you learn

Don’t just learn about making calls… make the calls!

You may not feel like doing the business today, but you have to continue to TAKE ACTION.

You may come across many problems in this business… if there is one thing that cures all problems in this business it is action.

A.C.E. = Action Cures Everything!

10X your action for success!

Success Tip #10 – 90 day game plan

This business is designed for speed.

This business is meant to be driven like a Ferrari.

At slow speeds, it is jumpy, bratty and hard to handle… you can spin out of control if you don’t know how to handle the power of the engine…

Fast is fun, slow is painful

Once you practice all the tips and you get good at the basics of this business, there’s only one thing left to do… practice doing the business FASTER!

Once you learn to walk practice running.

Once you learn to run practice running faster!

If you can compress your activity down to a period of 90 days or less, you’ll discover the power of compound interest!

You’ll be able to create momentum in your business.

This is what you are practicing for.

Get good enough so that you can execute a 90 day game plan.

This is a season of your life where you take 90 days of your life and focus ALL of your energy towards building your business.

This is the moment you DECIDE you are going to build this business.

This is the time when your business takes priority over EVERYTHING ELSE in your life.

I mean Everything!

Most people are not ready for this stage.

Most network marketers are not ready to burn their boats and go all in.

ships burning

This is do or die time!

90 days of prospecting, inviting and sponsoring at least 20 new personals in a period of 90 days or less…

I’ll be putting together more training on a 90 day game plan so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, if you found this helpful then please leave me a comment and let me know what helped you the most.

Also, please be sure to like comment and share this post with your team!

If you have a success tip you feel I should include in this post let me know…

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