How to Talk to More People

One of the KEY skills you must develop in this business is talking to people.

Growing up I didn’t quite thought of myself as a people person. Quite the opposite… I was actually pretty shy growing up.

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Over time, this has changed… if you ask people who’ve only met me recently, they’d say I’m not an introvert at all… quite social actually.

That was not something that happened overnight, but I want to share how I got to where I am today.

It started with a desire to become a people person. I decided I wanted to be a network marketing professional and this is simply a MUST. You must develop people skills.

That’s our business!!


I started by understanding communication better.

See I used to be the “quiet” one. Didn’t talk much. I listened more!

That’s great news because communication is mostly about listening.

When I’m getting to know a person for the first time I start with the basics… I start with this acronym: F.O.R.M.

F – Family

I simply begin by asking people about their family… Usually by talking about the place they are From…

F = Where are you FROM??

I want to start relating to people by talking about the place they are from…

I listen!

If someone tells me they are from Ohio for example, I can talk about it because my brother in law is from Ohio and he brings me buckeyes!! (chocolate covered peanut butter balls that are dangerously delicious… addicting?)

Now if I don’t know the place they are from that’s great news… I want to learn so that if I ever come across someone else, I can now talk about it… so either way it’s a win-win if my focus is on being interested in them!!

O – Occupation

Once I get an idea of where they are from, I may move on to occupation…

What do you do for a living?

This one is huge!! sometimes asking about this can create partnerships on the spot… Serious!!

I met a guy who owned a shipping business and it just so happened that they were looking to hire an online marketing guy… I didn’t offer my services, but after I told him about my experience and what I personally do, he asked me if I’d be willing to do contract work… I basically got a consulting gig, just because I opened my mouth and asked “what do you do?”

Pretty cool, huh?

R – Recreation

Sometimes the first two are so interesting that I don’t get a chance to get to this one… other times, I have a hard time relating to people that I have to ask about what they like to do for fun… what are they into?

Again, this is another opportunity to listen and relate to people.

The more you can find out what gets people excited, and give them the opportunity to talk about it by offering to be their listener, the better you’ll be at communicating with people…

When it’s your turn to speak, they’ll LISTEN back to you because you have already GIVEN what you WANTED… you must learn to give before you get…

If you give people your attention, they’ll give you back theirs…

M – Message

Now it’s your turn…

You’ve listened to them… you’ve engaged with them. Now you can share something with them…

Here’s the best part, if you have a business that fits them perfectly, they’ve probably already told you about it…

Here’s how this has worked for me in this business.

I met a girl and as I went through these questions I heard a couple things that I just could not help but get excited for her!

She had told me she likes to focus on activities and just get things done. Basically she let me know she was very driven… then she mentioned that her job is very stressful…

This was of course after we talked about (mainly she talked about) lifting weights, nutrition and health and other topics of high interest to her (and me)…

This was about 15 minutes of conversation… 80% of the talking was done by her…

Right as I left, I had a chance to say my M – Message…

I simply said, I would love to stay in touch, I think you have a gift if you are able to focus on activities and I have an idea I want to run by you… let’s grab coffee soon… (I handed her my phone and let her type her number in).

That’s it!!

Not every conversation is the same, but overall it has a similar flow… FORM…

That’s how I talk to people… I don’t talk to people about my business, I talk to people about theirs… and only after I’ve listened to them do I even bring up mine… they practically tell me something that lets me know they need what I have… but I can only find out if I LISTEN first.

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