Skill #1 of Network Marketing - Finding Prospects

How to build a list of people to talk to about your business even when you're on "vacation"

That's my girlfriend and I, about to go zip lining while on a cruise on "vacation"... well we were on vacation, but my business systems were not. My business systems were still working for me.

My business systems were still talking to people and building my list!

... but it wasn't always like this. In fact...

My upline left the business when I first got started in network marketing!

I'm not sure you can relate to my situation since I had no upline support at all. Since my upline did not help me I did not know what to do!

That's all I wanted to know, what to do!

I wanted someone who had good results show me and walk me through the process from start to finish...

... but I didn't even know where to start.

I felt left out.

I knew people were having success, I just couldn't figure out how to make it work for me.

I didn't know how to sign up reps...

... and there was only one way to get good at this.

Talk to More People!

When I started attending training and learning I kept hearing this "you're not talking to enough people"

I had called my friends and family.

It didn't go that well.

One friend stopped the video showing the business and proceeded to tell me all the reasons why she would never join... and I wasn't ready for that reaction, it was my 3rd time showing the business to someone.

Now I know what to do. I learned from that experience, but I needed new people to talk to.

That was the problem. I knew I needed to talk to more people, but I didn't know how to find more people.

That was until I started to master what Eric Worre calls the Skill #1 of Network Marketing... finding prospects.

First thing I did was a "Phone Dump"...

I bought a little black book and just wrote down every single name that I had on my phone number.

I hope you are taking notes because I'm teaching now.

I had already been in business for over a year now and this was the very first time I had decided to write down every single name that was on my phone and put it on paper.

Having that list written down will give you the leverage and confidence you need to "talk to more people"

That was just the beginning. That's just doing the bare minimum, but I hope you are not interested in just getting by...

So that's not all I did...

Here's a secret!

If I didn't write down the name I DELETED the number from my phone!!

That is just as important because I did not want to carry around negative relationships in my business so I deleted the numbers I did not want to call.

That's a more advanced training on limited associations and your circle of influence.


Like I said, getting your list is just the beginning. From there what you really have to master is expanding the list and increasing the quality of that list.

Building Depth!

After I built that list, I started coming across another problem... I was running through my list quick and was not able to get people to sign up...

I needed to expand that list.

At first it was scary to cross off the names as they said no, and no and no...

... but then I learned about building depth.

I learned this from a mentor who built a team of 1,000 people by sponsoring only 1 person!

See that one person you bring into the business will have a list of at least 5 to 10 people you don't know and your goal is to work that list as if it were your own.

Your experience + other people's contacts = the power of network marketing

When you understand these two concepts you'll be able to expand and grow your business by seeking out people who are on the same page as you!

In order for you to be confident and able to do this you have to master this skill and continue to grow your list.

That's where the power of the internet and social media comes in.

My list grows because I have a system in place that goes out and talks to people for me 24/7.

This system will teach you everything you need to know about building your business online...

If you're on my email list, you'll see me demonstrate how I use this system to generate leads everyday even when I'm on "vacation" (quotation marks because I'm designing a life I don't have to vacation from)

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