3 Ways to Improve Your Blog

Ray Higdon

One thing I’ve learned from this industry most is that you must first learn to GIVE, before you can receive… and you have to learn to receive…

Just because someone has a blog, it doesn’t mean the person is having success…

Very few people know what makes a blog work… what makes a blog get you sales, sign ups… make you a living!!

I don’t blog much, but my little blog gets me leads on a constant basis… on autopilot, while I’m out and about having fun with friends, or sometimes while I sleep!

If you want to learn how to use your blog to grow your network marketing business then read this:

Getting leads is not a matter of putting a banner, capture page or opt in form on your blog… I mean those are givens, but I’m going to share what goes on in the background that makes it work!!

What makes a blog successful

#1 Way to improve your blog

Use your blog to get people to know you!

Who are you? not what are you selling, but who are you? What’s your story?

People like to do business with people they know, like and trust…

If people don’t know you and you are trying to use the internet to grow your business, then you are fighting an uphill battle…

#2 Way to improve your blog

Help People Reach Your Level (Give before you expect to receive)

You don’t have to be good to get started, but you have to get started to be good.

Every lesson you learn takes you to the next level. You may think that what you know is basic, but remember that there was a day you didn’t know the basic stuff…

So if you just learned something new, you’ve applied the knowledge, you can talk about it.

That’s how you can become a 3 – Minute Expert!

My blog has lessons I’ve learned through personal experience… I share everything I’m learning as I go through my own journey to become successful.

I don’t hold back.

I share what has worked, what hasn’t worked… even the stuff I’ve heard that I know I haven’t applied, but need to! (Took me forever to dump all the names on my phone and facebook into a piece of paper… and I talked about it for months!!)

Because of that honesty, some people buy from me, some join me, and some don’t… it’s okay either way.

I do get “thank you” emails from people not on my team who have gotten results just by reading my free newsletter…

That’s why when I recommend something to them, they are more likely to buy, because they know that if the free information helps them, then whatever I recommend will be even better!

#3 Way to improve your blog

Ask for the sale!!

Let me re phrase that. Guide people into ACTION!

Sometimes people want to take action, but they begin to talk themselves out of it more than INTO it.

Just like calling people to talk to about your business… people begin to tell themselves that maybe it isn’t a good time, or that they won’t be able to follow up if they call now, or whatever excuse… they talk themselves out of doing things NOW.

A blog needs to guide people into ACTION.

Read this.

Click Here.

Enter your name and email here.

Click sign up.

Buy this.

Work with me.

All these actions won’t take place unless you are clear and bold about it.

It’s stupid how many people I see that could have almost instant results if they only changed their words to be more affirmative.

Make these changes to your blog and watch how you start getting more leads and most important, sales.

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